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Choose Your Ninjutsu Style. Defend Your Clan & Kin! Join 'Ninja Warriors' to ally with Naruto and other Konoha Ninja to fight the invasions of their foes! Adventure as a ninja specializing on one of the 4 Ninjutsu Techniques to take on missions of scouting, escorting and gathering intelligence in faraway ninja villages and fight off evil ninja that keep wrecking havoc! 'Ninja Warriors' is the very first side-scroll browser ninja game that brings you into the heart and action of the Naruto story, taking your gaming experience to new heights of excitement!

Fire Release Jutsu is one of the basic elemental nature transformation techniques that require the castor to transform superheated Chakra in his body into fire before releasing it through his month. The superheated Chakra, when released, burns everything in its path, setting the target aflame before consuming it whole. Fire Release Jutsu can be further augmented by Senjutsu to deal greater damage.

The Uchiha Clan of Konohagakure is renowned for their mastery of the Fire Release Jutsu...more>>